Men's Western Leather Jackets

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Men's Western Leather Jacket

If we talk about ultimate outerwear that can represent the bold and flashy side of Western fashion, they would certainly be Leather Jackets. Starting from the era of cowboys and ranchers, the Men's Western Leather Jackets were the first mere duster coats. These were used in the 18th and 19th centuries by the cowboys. They used them as all-rounder outerwear which can protect them from rain, cold weather, and everything. These duster coats were the signature outfit of that era.

As time passed by, western fashion also evolved. The duster coats were still used by men but when the motorcade started, the upper class of the society needed another outfit that looked more fashionable and was more useful because it was thought that although duster coats were perfect for cold weather, they were not very useful for dusty environments. After that, the Men Western Jackets started to appear as we see them nowadays.

Talking about Western Leather Jackets for Men, they come in a wide variety of designs and colors. The most famous categories of men's Western Leather Jackets are fringe jackets, Suede Jackets, etc. For people who like to wear Western Style Leather Jackets, Gold Bison Black Suede Jacket is one of the most famous examples that is popular all over the world.

Not only suede jackets, but fringe jackets are also very popular. Although they may seem just stylish and not practically useful, they are very handy. They were first introduced to the hunters. Besides the protection from harsh weather, they had two main benefits. They camouflaged the hunters and their fringes helped to dry the jacket faster if, by any chance, it would rain. Thus, these fringe jackets also made quite a place in the Men’s Western Leather Jackets.Western Clothing has a wide range of Western Leather Jackets for Men. You can visit our store if you want to explore all the jackets.