Rip Wheeler

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Rip Wheeler Jacket

The character of Rip Wheeler was played by Cole Hauser. He is the husband of Beth Dutton, the daughter of the Dutton Ranch owner, John Dutton. He grew up on a pig farm in Montana and ended up as the Ranch hand, the enforcer of John Dutton. He is one of the most admired characters in the Yellowstone TV show.

The Rip Wheeler Jacket are fine enough to provide protection against wear and tear; and harsh weather. made by Yellowstone Merchandise The character of Rip Wheeler has a rough and tough personality. And so is his dress. Matching with the personality sketch of being rugged and steadfast, he wore everything that influenced millions of people in the world, making him one of the most beloved characters of the Yellowstone TV show. We have some of the best quality vests and jackets with precise designs and fine materials. Some of the notable items in our collection are those which are best liked by people all across the globe. These include a Rip Wheeler Black Jacket. Talking about jackets, black has always been a fan's favorite color. One of the other examples is Rip Wheeler quilted vest which is equally liked by the people as the black jacket. Not only these iconic jackets and vests, but Western Clothing has an extensive collection of other Rip Wheeler outfits also. Visit our store to explore more.